Charity or Event Organisers

Are you a Registered Charity or Local Community Fund Raising Event Organiser operating within the boundaries of the City of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Counties*?

Are you are planning an event over a wide area or involving many people?

If so, you may have a need for the use of Two Way Radio Communications to manage and assist in helping your event comply with safety requirements, which can instigate a quick and efficient response to any incident should it occur during the event.

If you require a Radio Communications solution, Cardiff and District RAYNET may be able to help.

Subject to legal obligations surrounding any event, we may be able to step in with a communications plan to ensure the safety of event participants.

We assist with fun runs, cycle rides, field events, carnivals and parades where safety is paramount.

Some events cannot be held without out such communications in place and hiring radio systems can be costly, not to forget training and managing the operators using them.

Our trained and licenced radio operators can provide Two Way Radio Communications tailored to your event, but it must be stressed our insurance operating conditions prevent us from Stewarding or Marshalling on any events.

We can only provide radio communications in the form of the passing of messages across event areas, (though we of course can operate alongside Stewards and Marshalls at allocated checkpoints / safety locations as part of the event plan) which is in line with our insurance policy requirements.

All our members are volunteers, we do not charge for our services.

Our operators can spend many hours preparing beforehand and providing their services during events, giving up their valuable time to ensure your event runs as safely as possible.

Whilst we are not permitted to charge for our services, we can accept donations and would ask that Charity and Event Organisers consider this, as without donations our service would not be able to survive.

All Charities and Event Organisers are required to complete a pre-event questionaire prior to Cardiff and District RAYNET considering accepting a task of providing services, which must satisfy our event criteria set out in line with our policies, risk management and insurance requirements.

It must be stressed that Cardiff and District RAYNET cannot assist with events that are commercially connected;

We provide services on the basis that the organised event is for community based fund raising and charitable purposes only.

*Being a UK national organisation, other RAYNET Groups can assist events outside of the Cardiff and Vale boundaries, To visit our parent website Click HERE

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