Community Activities

Cardiff & District RAYNET Groups’s recent visit to Treforest, location of Storm Dennis Flooding to undertake NVIS HF Radio exercise

This Event took place in August 2021 and was an opportunity to undertake communications tests from low ground, usually operators would look for high ground locations to get radio signals out as far reaching as possible.

Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) is a technique where the object is to reduce the range of communications by sending signals high into the atmosphere and bring them back to earth over a few hundred miles, rather than the thousands of miles HF signals can achieve.

In Association with other RAYNET groups in Wales we were on the air to test our NVIS capabilities. Our group was able to make contact to groups in West Wales on the day, some other Welsh groups whom we didn’t speak to on the day learnt some lessons from the exercise with wishes to undertake the experiment again in the near future.

We also listened for RAYNET groups countrywide, some of which were heard as far as dorset and whom were also testing communications equipment as part of regular weekly routine testing of communications in preparedness for any UK based incidents, as nationally we continue to plan for community assistance in potential times of need.

It was also the first time the group were back in circulation following Covid 19 restrictions, and as part of the Exercise a BBQ was held to make the event a nice social experience for the group members whom attended.