RAYNET, UK is a national voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs.

RAYNET was formed in 1953 following the severe East coast flooding, to provide a way of organising the valuable resource that Amateur Radio is able to provide to the community. Since then, it has grown into a very active organisation with around 5000 members, providing communication assistance on many hundreds of events and incidents each year.

Amateur Radio operators have access to a wide range of radio bands, operating modes and equipment which allows RAYNET to offer a unique range of emergency communication services to our user services. Coupled with our members endless resourcefulness, RAYNET is regarded as a professional support organisation by both the statutory “blue light” services and volunteer emergency service organisations. As such RAYNET has provided assistance at incidents ranging from the Zeebruge ferry disaster to evacuations resulting from chemical leaks or severe flooding disasters such as in Boscastle.

We recently provided assistance during the “Beast From The East” heavy snow falls with the transportation of NHS Staff and patients at our local hospitals.

Aside from assisting the emergency services RAYNET also enjoys assisting charities and other organisations by providing radio communications for events such as fun runs and cycle rides. These events support the community and provide opportunity for member training and equipment/procedure testing.

This website provides general information about the longstanding Cardiff & District RAYNET Group. which primarily serves Cardiff and the Vale Of Glamorgan County Borough Council Areas.